:: Democratic Warfare ::

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:: 2010 :: 120cm x 60cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

One insomniac night as the lack of sleep began to take hold of my brain, I experienced a closed-eye vision which rapidly took on an almost apocalyptic status. It began with an array of faceless men linked up to computers which appeared to be playing wargames. As I followed the cables I saw that they were linked to missiles and a consensus from the wargame operators would mean that the missile would be launched upon a city. The vision then proceeded to show such a launch and the destruction it wreaked. Mankind does seem addicted to warfare and power struggles. We don't simply spend large amounts of money on weapons and military-training, but news corporations too seem to revel in the horror and the sensation of it, embedding reporters with troops or filiming from explosion-wrecked cities. This image, then, expresses a dark outcome for our future if we can't cure ourselves of this addiction: the possibility that each citizen may be compelled - or even enjoy - to play democratic warfare on their home computers. Sometimes it is important to look upon a nightmarish vision without fear in order make positive changes.

Democratic Warfare


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