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:: 2010 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

A somewhat cathartic image created during a confusing period of heightened hyperactivity. This occurs sometimes with me, and it renders me somewhat powerless to make decisions or avoid frustrations in life, but I also note it as the first marker through which a major life transformation is to take place. Thus, despite the obvious pain of the figure - representing myself - in the centre, the transcendence of identities is visible radiating out to the left and right, and this piece is a kind of inner self-portrait of that time. A poem accompanying the piece is below the image.


May 2010

there are
so many of me
i cannot list them all...

the hyperactive kid distracted,
the knowing old man,
and artist and husband,
and human and dying god.

a lover, a fighter,
a bleeding heart and razor mind,
lower than the grave
and walker on the lightning mountain.

the only question
each morning is
which one to play today.

(truth is,
i've been so
hyperdistractive recently
i can't even answer...)


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