:: Song Of The Sirens ::

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:: 2010 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This work was inspired by a curious synchronicity. At night, I often listen to music to help me sleep, and for several months I had heard a soft song animated by the stillness of a woman's beautiful voice playing on an internet radio station that had truly inspired me. One night I awoke to this song at 4am, with the memory of a dream fresh in my mind: I was sailing in a boat on the ocean, past an island of hypnotically-singing women who were somehow animating and constructing me with their song. Clearly the radio song had entwined itself into my dream, but when a few days later I learned that the music I had heard was called 'Sirens Of The Sea', the synchronicity of an Odyssean voyage past an island of singing women struck me. Thus this image was born.

Song of the Sirens


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