:: Southern Cross Over Melkhoutfontein - Mural Design ::

:: Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, Western Cape, South Africa::
:: February & March 2016 - March & April 2017 - February & March 2018 ::

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:: 2016 - 45cm x 35cm - Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas Board ::

The constellation of the Southern Cross is important to the community of Melkhoutfontein, so I decided to create a mural design which sets their town in an earthly version of the celestial pattern. We see Melkhoutfontein in the centre. To the west, Blombos Cave and to the east, Albertinia, while the fish traps are seen on the southern coast. To the north, the Sleeping Beauty mountain sings dreamily to the stars. This design, which places Melkhoutfontein in the heart and centre of their landscape, was produced only a few weeks before my stay in the town was due to begin - it rapidly became a popular design and was eventually realised into a large mural in a prominent place in the community. See the completed mural at Lily's house here.

Southern Cross over Melkhoutfontein


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