:: Under the Milkwood Tree - Mural Design ::

:: Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, Western Cape, South Africa::
:: February & March 2016 - March & April 2017 - February & March 2018 ::

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:: 2018 - 45cm x 35cm - Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas Board ::

This design came from the sight of a large and old milkwood tree - the species Sideroxylon inerme, which in Afrikaans is melkhout - by the side of the road just north of Melkhoutfontein, and imagining a spring - fontein in Afrikaans - bursting forth from the foot of the tree. This image I felt could represent the re-birth of the community, since 'milkwood-spring', melkhout-fontein, is what the name of the township means. Here we see a big milkwood tree with people standing under it, taking shelter from the heat of the mid-day sun. This mural was realised, with some changes, onto Colin's House in February 2018.

Under The Milkwood Tree



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