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The Song of Lucaion opens with Afer realising that her Cosmos contains only static stars. There are no planets, no stars that move, and tasks Atlai, the Man of Heaven, with setting events in motion to bring planets about. He calls upon Ana, the Woman of Earth, to find him a suitable protagonist, and she indicates Lucaion, fishing upon a little boat on the Waters of the Middle Place in the centre of the Earthly Garden. Atlai descends to meet him.

Lucaion immediately recognises Atlai, and the Man of Heaven transforms his little boat into the living ship Ferzoncuai. They then lay together for 'eight nights awake', during which time they create the Light Bearer Beings – the planets – who run to the edges of the Earthly Garden. Ferzoncuai calls Lucaion to being the voyage and Atlai departs back up to the Heavenly Garden.

io to luc! io to fer! io to min!

Afer spoke a blessed word,
Primal Woman spoke a lightfold leaf:
Upon my third eye, upon my head
The Fundament of Heaven,
There is stillness but stars shine
Let there be stars that move,
Let there be Wanderers

Atlai, enfolded a word in his mind,
Man of Heaven spoke a lightfold leaf:
Ana, upon her navel, upon her garden,
The Garden of Earth,
Find me a Fisher, a boatman,
I would make the stars move,
I would make Wanderers

Ana, the Cosmic Centre,
Woman of Earth spoke a lightfold leaf:
Atlai, upon her third eye, within her mind,
Beloved of Heaven,
see the fisher-queer Lucaion,
he will move the stars,
he will Wander with them

Atlai saw the Fisher Lucaion,
upon the Waters of the Middle Place,
lithely casting his nets on the lake.
Atlai was enchanted with this youth,
and descended from Heaven

Lucaion, the Sky-Wanderer
Upon the Waters, spoke a blessed word:
Your starlight body is beautiful,
with each step you walk upon these waters
the Fundament of Heaven shakes,
you are Atlai, Man of Heaven,
who has come to the Earthly Garden

Atlai, pleased with the youth's talented eye,
Upon the Waters, spoke a lightfold leaf:
Your little boat called Matarreo
Shall be made into a great ship,
The living ship of name Ferzoncuai,
you shall make the stars move
you will Wander with them

Lucaion, delighting in the fine sight of
the Man of Heaven's body, spoke a lightfold leaf:
I shall forge stars that move
and I will Wander with them,
but for this task I require
that you make my stars move
that you make my body Wander

Atlai saw the Fisher Lucaion,
fixed him with his sexual eye,
lay with him for eight nights awake.
Atlai was enchanted with this youth;
they made the eight Light-Bearer Beings

Atlai, Man of Heaven, eight-night-lover
of the Light of the World, spoke a blessed word:
Lucaion, my human soul,
go and retrieve them,
the Light Bearer Beings have flown
to the eight corners of Ana's body
to the eight corners of the Earthly Garden

Ferzoncuai, the living ship, became aware,
became self-aware, spoke a lightfold leaf:
Lucaion, my human soul,
let us voyage to them,
the Light Bearer Beings who have flown,
this way we will make the stars move,
this way we shall Wander with them

Lucaion, the Fisher of the Stars,
Heaven's eight-night-lover, spoke a lightfold leaf:
Ferzoncuai, my ship speaks,
my children will be gathered,
and Atlai returns to Heaven,
he who has made my stars move,
he who has made my body Wander

Atlai saw the Fisher Lucaion,
departed from him with great warmth,
returned to his Heavenly dwelling place.
Atlai was enchanted with this youth,
and vowed to watch him from Afer's third eye

io to luc! io to fer! io to min!
"Hail Light, Hail Nature, Hail the Source"

Afer -"Pristine Nature"
The Fernal Cosmic Creatrix

Atlai - "Man"
The Fernal Man of Heaven
Ana - "Woman"
The Fernal Woman of Earth

Lucaion - "Light of Eternity"
The Queer Fisher of the Stars



Matarreo - "Inviting Voice" 
Lucaion's little boat
Ferzoncuai - "Fernal Eternal Music"
Lucaion's magical boat transformed


(The Light-Bearer Beings are
the Eight Fernal Planets)



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