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This short five-line song opens the Daiarzan collection with an appeal to the three types of light in Fernal reckoning: luc, the inner-light of vision, xicar, the shimmering light of the Moon and the glow of refleced light, and finally xan, the shining light of the Sun. The complete Fernalese text is also given here, so that wordplays can be seen, particularly in the opening line, with deruion 'epiphany' versus deru ionraic 'opening the portal'.

we open the door
to visionary world-dreaming,
a glowing cosmos
shining and embodying
a world-healing epiphany
deru ionraicon
lucan tinaomiarra to
ari xicarfercuanco
nexantoc nexintiantoc
ari aobanferren darionco to




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