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A short song of celebration - called an orizon - which briefly narrates Ayiaa's creative adventures in the Third Song of the 'Thirteen Songs' and which was composed to accompany the artwork Fernal Underworld Garden.

io to yia, I Ayia
evolve in pure delight,
eternal innerlight, foresight trickster,
rise here in pure delight

bring forth Ayia from the third egg,
heart of darklight Underworld, heart of magic queer,
emerge and sing the Underworld garden into being,
unfold it upon my legs, upon my feet,
bless the Underworld Garden Iari into being

Ayia, emerge and sing here,
sing your eternal innerlight here,
sing your foresight trickery here,
sing your spirit of place here,
sing your lightning thoughts here,
sing your appearing and disappearing here

Ayia, emerge and dance here,
dance like Yanuia here,
dance like Txacuir here,
dance like Ferioxe here,
dance like Achir here,
dance your appearing and disappearing here

seeing that I am the Emerging Trickster
seeing that I am the Disappearing Lightning
in the dark behind the eyes
here I sing and sing




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