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Afer greets the universe and announces herself and her song. From the vaginal form of a quantum burst, she creates her vagina and vulva, and from this portal, bloodwaters and birthwaters begin to flow. Simultaneously, this flow causes Afer to become partially-conscious, also to become aware of the complete worldline of the cosmos from beginning to end. Afer then simultaneously creates the Fundament of the Heavens and the Fundament of the Underworld as well as her hands and feet. She becomes fully conscious with the creation of her three eyes. Afer then her body emergent from a line of chakras, envisaged here as portals or vaginas, before celebrating herself and her creation.

io to fer, I Afer
speak the first word!
pristine woman, primal woman
I sing the first word!

the word of darklight-begins,
of sunrise-causing, of birth-bringing,
weaving the darklight-begins,
the bloodrush-running, the world-walking,
awakening eyes

from a void, from a portal
an emergence of zero
positive and negative
a quantum burst
and I have a vagina

seeing that
I have a vagina
sensing that
I have a vulva
there will be bloodwater

water of living and neverliving,
of being and nonbeing,
and one who sees
and the one who senses
and I, Afer, become

spontaneously emergent
as if from nothing,
music awaits,
shimmering and glowing
moonlight reflected in aeons

before the vagina encloses
completing being and nonbeing
before the vulva silences
completing all possibilities
the worldline begins, unfolds, and ends

there is vibration and stars shine
there is vibration and fundament beneath
and I have feet, five toes
and I have hands, five fingers
and I make myself

seeing that I see awareness
seeing that I see consciousness,
one eye is life
and one eye is death
and a third, hidden

I make a tower of eight vaginas
I am a vision of eight portals
from these sacred voids, bloodwaters flow
of living and everliving
and my body is made in my image

seeing that
I have a woman's body
sensing that
I have darklight
there will be menstrual water

and so I Afer
pristine woman, first woman,
sings the bloodwater flow,
woman of eight vaginas, woman of three eyes,
here I sing and sing

here at the stillness pool,
waters of the middle place
serpent bloodwaters,
here I sing and sing

io to fer - "Hail Pristine Nature!"
Afer - "Nature"
The Pristine Fernal Creatrix  


(the image of a spontaneous
quantum burst reimagined
as a primordial vagina)


(Afer awakes into partial
consciousness through the
flowing of the primordial waters)
(spontaneously emergent
like a quantum burst,
like a moment of self-realisation)  

(here Afer envisages the totality
of her Creation, from beginning
to end - the worldline of the Cosmos
is again envisaged as a vagina)

(Afer begins to form her body 
in human shape, whilst maintaining
that her body is also the Cosmos)

(Afer enters dreaming and
visionary consciousness before
coming to full consciousness
with the opening of her three eyes)

(eight vaginas - eight fernal chakras)

(Afer is at this point the perfect
image of Primordial Womanhood
but later she will travel through the
other genders also whilst remaining
fundamentally Womanly)  





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