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The second song is one of sex and birth – before the manifestations of the world can be created, there must be a way to create them. Afer calls out to the cosmos to wetten her vulva. Her song causes the birthwaters of the cosmos to gather into a single place, forming a watery globe hanging in the centre of spacetime. She continues to sing, turning the birthwaters milky: the globe is becoming a magic mixture of semen and breastmilk, and with further singing becomes elongated.

Afer names this the first penis and places it within her vagina. She sings her pleasure and brings herself to orgasm, the second act of creation. At the height of her orgasm she names the three genders, embodied within herself and created by her actions. The penis fuses into her and her transgendric orgasm continues for the rest of creation. She sings intimately of her clitoris and her 'transcendent-world-place, the female portal' (female G-spot), and of her testicles and her 'transcendent-world-place, the male portal' (male G-spot), and finally celebrates her ovaries and womb, which she blesses with fullness. The song ends.

io to fer, I Afer
rest here in pure delight
pristine woman, primal woman
sing here in pure delight

I am solitary and complete,
I am darklight and woman-formed
who will embrace my fertile body?
who will wetten my vulva with milk?
I call out to the self-cosmos

there is movement and blood flows
there is energy and water gathers
who will enter my darklight?
who will delight my womb with seed?
I sing out to the self-cosmos

seeing that
the bloodwaters have gathered in the heart
sensing that
the birthwaters have formed a globe
and the self-cosmos coagulates

who will let me shiver my body?
who will bring me to transcendent orgasm?
the heart-gathered waters turn to white
my song enfolds semen magic
my song enfolds breastmilk magic

who will make the stars move for me?
who will open the portal of delight with me?
the heart-gathered waters elongate
my song enfolds penis magic
my song enfolds gender magic

the penis I place within me,
I will enter my darklight shiver-body!
I will delight my womb with seed!
I will bring myself to transcendent orgasm!
I will open the portal of delight within me!

Behold! I have been Woman of the Cosmos!
Behold! Now I become Man of the Waters!
Combined we will be Queer of Magic-Making!
The heart-gathered waters fuse into me,
and my song unfolds eternally and eternally

I will sing of my clitoris, my female portal,
and my transcendent world-place beyond,
where the darklight shiver-body is sensed,
where the portal of delight is opened,
where the stars can be profoundly moved

I will sing of my testicles, my male portal,
and my transcendent world-place behind,
where the darklight shiver-body is sensed,
where the portal of delight is opened,
where the stars can be profoundly moved

seeing that my ovaries have unfolded within me,
seeing that my ovaries have emerged into life,
my womb has become beautiful,
a dwelling-place for three eggs
I bless them with fertile fullness

and so I Afer,
pristine woman, first woman,
sing the unfolding of sexual delight,
woman of shiver-body, woman of three genders,
here I sing and sing

here in the arc of the fundament,
waters of heaven and underworld,
waters of semen and breastmilk magic
here I sing and sing

io to fer - "Hail Pristine Nature!"

(Afer, feeling complete, calls
to herself to satisfy her sexual desire)

(mirroring the ninth stanza of
the First Song)

(Afer's calling causes a spontaneous
movement in the cosmos, mirroring
the sensation of human sexual desire

(Afer sings the coagulation into
fullness, forming milk and semen)
(the coagulation forms into a penis
through Afer's song - who will make
the stars move is echoed in the  
Song of Lucaion)

(here Afer engages in the first
sexual act, simultaneously a congress
of two and an empowering yet
masturbatory celebration of sex,
mirroring three genders)

(Afer realises she is moving through 
the three fernal genders, female, male
and, given that she now has dual sex
organs, she becomes Queer-identified
and intersexual)

(Afer now celebrates
her female sexual body:
her clitoris and her G-spot)

(Afer now celebrates
her male sexual body:
her testicles and her P-spot)

(Afer celebrates her ovaries
and realises three eggs dwell within
her womb, which she blesses)





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