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Afer announces the beginning of Time at the beginning of the Third Song, and briefly recapitulates the progression of her consciousness, from endless void to deep sleep in the first song, then from deep sleep to dreaming-sexuality in the second song. Now she emerges into full awakened consciousness, and sees that her womb is full. The three eggs slip out of her womb and fall into what remains of the magic semen-milk coagulation. Afer sees that the eggs wish to be born. With her hands she stirs the waters, and separates them into Sky-Heavens and Underworld, noting the vaginal shape that she has created with this action – a cosmic vulva from which the children of the three eggs will hatch.

The first egg to hatch brings forth Ana. She emerges from the Cosmic Vulva and sings a blessing that creates the Earthly Garden upon the body of Afer, in the very womb created by the Cosmic Vulva. The second egg to hatch brings forth Atlai, whose first action is to sing a blessing that creates the Heavenly Garden upon the third eye of Afer, on the upper arc of the Cosmic Vulva.

The final egg to hatch brings forth Ayia, singing a blessing that creates the Underworld Garden upon the lower arc of the Cosmic Vulva upon Afer's feet. Ayia also notes there are some birthwaters remaining, and from this forges the Ocean Garden. S/he places this upon Afer's clitoris, and it is then hidden away as Afer's personal realm.

io to fer, I Afer
unfold the beginning of Days
pristine woman, primal woman
open the waterflow of Time

from endless void I emerged,
to deep sleep enfolded in the fundament,
from deep sleep I unfolded,
to dreaming delights of the orgasm waters,
now from dreaming delights I awaken

my womb was orgasmically blessed
yes I blessed myself with fullness,
yes, birthbringing, bloodrush running,
yes, I have blessed myself with eggs,
yes, world-containing, there is music awaiting...

seeing that
three eggs slip from my womb
sensing that
they fall into the last birthwaters,
the eggs shiver and wish to be born

I stir the last birthwaters, I unfold Time,
I will separate the last birthwaters, I unfold Space,
the upper waters the fundament of Heaven,
the lower waters the fundament of Underworld,
my fertile belly the fundament of Earth

behold, I have formed the Cosmic Vulva,
yes I blessed the Cosmic Vulva with fullness,
yes, darklight emerging, magic of semen and milk,
yes, I have blessed myself with eggs,
yes, world-containing, there is music awaiting...

bring forth Ana from the first egg,
heart of fertile Earth, heart of magic woman,
emerge and sing the Earthly Garden into being,
unfold it upon my belly, upon my breasts,
bless the Earthly Garden Enoha into being

bring forth Atlai from the second egg,
heart of shining Heaven, heart of magic man,
emerge and sing the Heavenly Garden into being,
unfold it upon my eyes, upon my third eye,
bless the Heavenly Garden Seye into being

bring forth Ayia from the third egg,
heart of darklight Underworld, heart of magic queer,
emerge and sing the Underworld garden into being,
unfold it upon my legs, upon my feet,
bless the Underworld Garden Iari into being

woman-man-queer, sing a blessing
on the bloodrush-running birthwaters that remain,
emerge and sing the Ocean Garden into being,
unfold it upon my womb, my private domain,
bless the Ocean Garden Chianum into being

seeing that the Ocean is within my womb,
seeing that my three children have three gardens,
I will grant the fourth garden for myself,
beloved fundament of water and menses,
I will hide it away within me

and so I Afer,
pristine woman, first woman,
sing the awakening of time and space,
woman of three eggs, woman of the Ocean Garden,
here I sing and sing

here in the Ocean Garden,
waters of beloved fundament,
waters of menstrual blessings
here I sing and sing

io to fer - "Hail Pristine Nature!"

(Afer recapitulates her experience
of the first two songs)

(Afer's positivity and affirmation
here point forward to the three births
about to happen)

(the three eggs fall into the remaining
waters from the First Song)

(Afer announces the beginning of
Space and Time by stirring the waters)
(again, a positive summary of preceding
events in preparation for the oncoming
births of her three children)  

Ana - "woman"
Mistress of the Earthly Garden

Atlai - "man"
Master of the Heavenly Garden

Ayia - "queer-identified"
Magic-Maker of the Underworld Garden

(Afer, in harmony with her three
children, creates the Ocean Garden,
her own private domain)






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