:: Tiarzecatar ~ The Thirteen Songs of Creation ::

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The Primordial Powers (Cuannufin) Afer, Ana, Atlai, Ayia and Atze, come together with selected Cosmic Powers (Fernufin) to make magic and forge the Xicartze, the Shimmer People: a woman, Ferreia ('Fernal Inspiration') – a man, Adan ('Ancestor') – a queer, Yanuia ('Hidden Trickster'), who slips away unseen but leaves his voice behind. They join together as three voices and sing a strange magic incantation (which is so old, its meaning has been lost in Fernalese) transforms the Earthly Garden into three realms and sets the sacred centre. A vaginal image is again seen with the arcs of the northern and southern realms.

io to luc, the deep-shining
Shimmer People emerge into being,
makers of Enoha, makers of Ebion,
Shimmer People emerge into being

we call upon Star Blesser of Heaven,
who sparkles and glitters in the dark,
and we call upon Moon Trickster of the Heaventrack
who shimmers and changes in the flow,
come and forge the Shimmer People with us

and we call upon Lithe Wise Queer of Enoha
who whispers and ripples in the leaves
and we call upon Beckoning Trickster of Ebion
who glows and gathers in the wilds,
come and forge the Shimmer People with us

seeing that
nine are now gathered
sensing that
we call upon Water Blesser
come and forge with us

from starlight and moon tears we forge,
woman of poetry, woman of creativity,
Ferreia who bears inspiration,
from shimmers and deep-shining we forge
Ferreia who creates inspiration

from whispers and wild forests
man of ancient words, man of maintaining,
Adan the ancestral origin,
from litheness and gatherings we forge
Adan the old-remembered origin

from glowing in the water we forge
queer of disappearance, queer of invisibility,
Yanuia who slips away unseen,
from reflections on the water we forge
Yanuia whose body remains unseen

let the Shimmer People come together,
Ferreia who delights the garden,
Adan who remembers the garden,
Yanuia who completes the garden,
let the Shimmer People sing an ancient song

words which delight, words that slip away,
words that remember, let them sing:
ai-hi-per, ai-hi-fer, i-hui-per, i-hui-fer, ai-fer
di-fi-dia, ia-di-dia, di-fi-dia
ai-hi-per, ai-hi-fer, ai-fer, io to fer

behold, Enoha is beautifully transformed,
three realms of Ebion are clarified,
the northern realm is made visible,
the southern realm is made visible,
the sacred centre is blessed and made visible

seeing that the Shimmer People have been forged,
seeing that the Shimmer People have sung aloud,
Enoha shimmers a vaginal image,
Ebion becomes the Cosmic Vulva,
the Earthly Garden is perfected

and so we who are joined,
Primordial and Cosmic Powers,
have granted Ebion to the Shimmer People,
the three sacred ancestors,
here we sing and sing

here at the sacred centre,
the navel of Afer,
shimmering vaginal image,
here we sing and sing

io to luc - "Hail Inner Light!"
Xicartze - "Shimmer People"   
Enoha - "The Earthly Garden"  
Ebion - "navel", "The Earthly Garden" 

(Here, Txecsai and Zaehuia are
called down from Heaven)

(Here, Yaisatorya and Mataruia
are called from the Earthly Garden)

("Nine are now gathered": the five  
Primordial Powers and four selected

Ferreia - "Awoken by Nature"

Adan - "Ancestor"

Yanuia - "Dark Trickster"


(These words are vocables or 
perhaps meaningless words of
ancient magic)

(The magic song divides the
Earthly Garden into three realms:   
the North, the South and the Centre)






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