:: Blombos - We Are All South African ::

Mountain    Palaeo    Modern    Cavemind    Blombos    Look    Hands   Tsodilo    Venus   

:: 2007 :: 84cm x 59cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

A piece commissioned by Art For Humanity through the Durban University of Technology, responding to the theme of the unity of peoples both within and outside of the country of South Africa. I felt that a depiction of humanity springing forth from one of the earliest generally-agreed symbolic objects made by human hands - and found at Blombos cave in South Africa - was an appropriate and inspiring response. Tableaux of playful representations of humanity from all cultural horizons spanning the Palaeolithic to the present day connect the viewer’s contemporary experience with the earliest expressions of human symbolic creativity.

Blombos - We Are All South African


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