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This page allows you to access my Essay Archive, consisting mostly of writings, notes, musings and research projects conducted up to the year 2014. Some of these essays remains pertinent to my current research interests, while others - such as those themed around queer experience and creative mytholoigy - are likely to be picked up again at a later date. Unlike my books, these essays are not referenced or annotated but most do have a bibliography for further reading. If I am honest, many of the earlier musings do not really match up to my current standards of academic writing, but they remain here partly for the sake of completion, and partly because they are obliquely referenced and occasionally quoted from in my subsequent work. There are also one or two essays here, for example Little Vision Tricksters, which I intend to rigorously re-write and re-structure during the course of developing my philosophy of Visionary Humanism.


The Paradox of the Leopard The Paradox of the Leopard (March 2015)
Subtitled Some Diverse Thoughts Towards A Visionary Humanism, this is a collection of musings springing from my On Vision and Being Human in which I seek to transcend various contemporary antagonisms towards a fuller and more integrated image of the 21st century human.
Minoan Epiphany The Minoan Epiphany - A Bronze Age Visionary Culture (March 2013)
An archaeological essay in three parts which is the culmination of four years of research into the Minoan Civilisation, exploring the Epiphany, a set of glyptic images disclosing evidence of ancient visionary ritual practices. The Epiphany Cycle and models of ritual action lead to 'embodied' perspectives which challenge passive assumptions behind Western religious categories, in particular the depictions of altered states of consciousness and the visionary potential of dance gestures. An extensive Artefact Review is then conducted, discussing diverse aspects of the Epiphany imagery, and a number of Appendices expand the Epiphany purview into other fields.


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Creative Myth Creative Mythology, or Queer Authenticities (March 2014)
An autobiographical voyage narrating the effects upon my art of subtle transformational life-shifts within me that drove me to new approaches to use mythform imagery as well as identity movements into Queer territory. Through a selection of images I show how the authentically queer is emerging into my work.
Eleusinian Model Apollonian - Dionysiac - Hermetic - Persephonic (July 2013)
A short sequel to the researches and artworks produced as part of my Eleusis project, in which bivalent perceptions are critiqued, and a hybridised Nietzschean-Eleusinian model of transformative perception is explored with the aim of moving beyond contemporary either/or oppositional worldviews.
Two-Spirit The Collective Stream In Visionary Art (June 2013)
Subtitled 'Musings on Authenticity, Art and Collective Experience', this short essay moves in a wandering journey through the inauthenticity and hyper-individualism of contemporary art, indigenous collective artforms and the foundations of the mythical upon human biology, leading to a collective model of vision.
Daimon The Daimon, The Dragon and the Re-Emerging Dynamic of Life (March 2013)
This essay was written initially to accompany a dual-image artwork called Dakini-Daemon, but was expanded to more deeply explore the Eastern and Western conceptions of the dragon, the Greek word δαίμων, and the unfolding of myth into history in the Western tradition and the disconnect this has caused.


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Two-Spirit Two-Spirit And The Inner Experience Of Homosexuality (Jan 2011)
Musings on the dissonance that many gay and queer-identified people feel with the archetypes of Western culture and the parallels that I have personally experienced in my life between that queer-identification and the Native American archetype of the Two-Spirited individual.
Interesting Ways To Explore The Sacred Some New And Interesting Ways To Explore The Inner And Outer Sacred
Twenty three ideas starting from a rigidly atheistic-rational perspective whose pathway ascends into a new and playful way of exploring the sacred whilst not losing sight of the potentials that both science and religion have to guide humanity. But this is not seeking a middle ground, but transcends those old bivalent opposites.
Artist with Integrity Some Thoughts On Being An Artist With Integrity (May 2010)
Thirteen points written as a reminder to myself on how to further become an artist who works, speaks and acts with integrity, written after reading about some of the recent 'critical artistic debates' (or 'blazing rows') that have taken place in Britain's contemporary art scene.
Notes on the Origins of Art Notes On the Origins Of Art (Nov 2009)
An overview of archaeological theories on the origins of cultural and symbolic expression among humans. Contrary to the belief that culture emerged suddenly in the Upper Palaeolithic 30,000 years ago, there is much evidence to suggest it occurred much earlier, over a long period of the African Middle Palaeolithic.


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Looking With Lizard Eyes Looking With Lizard Eyes - Coming To Terms With Reptilian Intelligence
A full account of a series of experiences with salvia divinorum and in dreams in which I encountered a reptilian intelligence, and found myself in a situation in perfect contrast to the commonly-experienced mode of this archetype promulgated by Icke among others...
Bull Mushroom  Mistress Of Dance The Bull, The Mushroom & The Mistress Of The Dance (Jan 2009)
An exploration of Minoan religion, beginning with an overview of the history and womanliness of that civilisation, and proceeding to enquire into the characters of Minos, Ariadne and the Labyrinth, as well as Glaucos, to uncover an archaic conception of that mandala that speaks with an authentic Minoan voice.
Little Vision tricksters Little Vision Tricksters (Oct 2005)
Every human culture in the world has its own unique set of ‘fairy folk’ beliefs, from leprechaun to menehuneWhere did these animistic beliefs originate and how have the managed to survive for so many years of more organised monotheistic religion?
Consciousness Emergent Order On Consciousness As An Emergent Order (Feb 2005)
There are numerous theories to explain the origin of consciousness, from it being an intrinsic part of the brain to the brain being like a television aerial that picks up Universal Consciousness. But with a billion neurons and a subjective viewpoint, there may be another, equally valid theory of origin.



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