Welcome to the Shop Portal. Here you can access Bruce's various merchandise outlets, including vivid and eye-popping All-Over Print T-Shirts from nuvango.com, uniquely illustrated monochrome T-Shirts from redbubble.com, and Xibalba Books, Bruce's publishing imprint for beautifully designed books of his art, poetry and research interests. The Voice Project Shop is also accessible here for unique and limited-edition cartouche print sets of the various stages of that visionary mural. I will shortly be expanding into Poster Prints through an external site, so watch this space for more updates.

All local sales (for books and the Voice Project through biroz.net) are handled using Paypal for your security, and I operate a sensible Sales Policy which can be found here. External sites such as Nuvango and Redbubble.com operate their own sales policies. Please click on each image below to select your desired product - each link will open in a new window.


All Over Print T-Shirts

All-Over Print T-Shirts





B&W T-Shirts

Black & White T-Shirts

A selection of vividly designed all-over print T-Shirts available through nuvango.com. Choose from five beautiful designs.
Click here for beautifully-presented books from Bruce's publishing imprint, the exclusive outlet for his art books, poetry and research.
A small selection of monochrome T-Shirts featuring Bruce's unique illustrations from redbubble.com. Choose from three wearable visions!

Click here for the Voice Project Shop!

Click here to visit the Voice Project Shop for Limited Edition Cartouche Print Sets


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