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This page is designed to help you with some of your queries relating to the Shop on this site. If your query isn't answered here, or if you would like to request a specific image or artwork be made into an Art Print, or other aspect of the site in general, then I would invite you to Contact Me via email. Thank you.


I want to buy something but I don't have a PayPal account
At present I only use PayPal, for several reasons. In the main, it offers excellent security and protection for both you the customer and me the seller. Unfortunately, other methods such as cheque or money order are just not financially viable routes for me to go down. I would suggest therefore that you sign up for a PayPal account if you can. If you don't have a credit card, then ask a family member to help you out.

Can I pay by cheque through PayPal?
I believe it's possible but it's a lengthy process. I generally won't start fulfilling the order until the cheque has cleared. I'd also ask that you email me before choosing this route, just so I am aware of it and can track progress to ensure the best service to you.

Can I send you cash or a cheque in the post?
I do not accept cash through the post under any circumstances, for several reasons: firstly, sending cash through the post is illegal in many countries, secondly, the currency exchange rates here in Britain would often render the transaction unprofitable for me and finally bank charges for foreign cheques are often extortionate. It's also quite insecure as a method of payment.

I've accidentally paid the wrong amount for the item(s) I wish to buy
Please inform me IMMEDIATELY as unexpectedly large sums of money sent as payment for relatively cheap items will be treated with some suspicion due to the prevalence of online frauds of this nature.


I'd like to buy an original artwork
You can purchase an original artwork from me, either by contacting me through the relevant page in the Shop, or by Contacting me directly to enquire about an artwork not currently listed in the Shop. The Shop portal only lists the artwork price - there is no facility to pay immediately for an artowkr because shipping charges greatly vary depending on the artwork and the destination. Here's the full process of what will happen if you wish to buy an original artwork from me - don't be intimidated though! It's a very informal and relaxed process :)

- You contact me directly or in response to an item in the Shop expressing your interest in an artwork
- I will reply to your email with further details, including dimensions of the artwork, medium, year and price
- You may have other questions, about the vision and idea behind the artwork. I will be happy to answer these!
- Once you respond and give me the signal you'd like to purchase this artwork, I will contact FedEx to get a shipping quote.
- I send you the shipping quote, and if agreeable, I will then send you an email Paypal link to make payment
- Once payment is received, I will pack and ship the artwork to you, keeping you fully informed at all times of progress.
- If you are a US Customer, I may need additional information from you for US Customs - this may include Social Security number etc. Such information will be kept strictly confidential
- If for any reason you'd like to return the artwork, please contact me within 28 days of receipt. Please note that packing and shipping charges are not refundable, and I would expect you to fund the cost of return packing and shipping. No refund will be made until the undamaged artwork is returned safely to me.


How big are the art prints?
Sizes vary, which is why on each item page I include a photograph of the actual item you will receive. 'A3 prints' tend to be on A3 paper with an image slightly smaller, 'A2 prints' much the same except on A2 paper. Some prints are longform portrait, some are square. if in doubt, feel free to ask me via the Contact page.

How will the prints be sent?
The prints are sent via Surface Mail (UK) or Air Mail (Ireland, Europe, World) in poster tubes to ensure they arrive with you in perfect condition, without folds, creases or scratches. Once unfurled from the tube, they can be mounted or framed as you wish.

If I buy a print, can I make copies for my friends or make derivative artworks or other products?
No, in no circumstances can you do this. I retain all copyrights for all originals, unlimited prints and limited editions prints sold, and as such I do not permit copies or derivative artworks (or other products) to be made without my specific written permission.


My ordered items haven't arrived yet
When ordering, please allow 28 days delivery, particularly if you live outside Europe. If after this time your item hasn't arrived, then please Contact Me to discuss further: after 35 days from date of order, we can start to arrange a replacement. You should note that once you order your item, the process is not automatic, but requires a human (me!) to carefully pack and post the print. I aim to fulfill your order as quickly as possible and I will notify you on the rare occasion of any delays. Occasionally, books and giclee prints need to be reordered from the various suppliers - this may cause a short delay, but I will keep you fully informed of any such delays.

The item is damaged on delivery
Please contact me on receipt of the item(s) and tell me when they were received and what the nature of the damage is and I will send out replacements for you. In the case of original artworks, if they arrive damaged I will need to ask a number of questions for insurance purposes, and likely ask you to take photos of the damage.

You've sent me the wrong art print !
Ooops! Contact Me with the details of what you received and what you ordered/expected, and I will rectify it as quickly as I can.





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