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Here can be accessed a vivid selection of my visionary art from the past seven years, most notably The Voice Project, my ongoing initiative to create a large-scale canvas mural of the mythologies of the Island of Britain. The Visions galleries contain one-off pieces and individual explorations of vision, while the 'series' collections - such as The Fernal World in which my newest dual-image works can be found, and Dreams & Nightmares - contain collections on specific themes or as part of larger projects. Please click on one of the images below to view. Each page will open in a new browser window.

The Voice Project The Voice Project
An ongoing project which will express the visionary and imaginal landscapes of the island of Britain, resulting in a longform 13 panel dual painted work (visible light and UV) and an accompanying contemplative musical work. A work-in-progress which will continue until the year 2020.
Visions 2017-18 Visions 2017-18
The newest selection of visionary images emerging from my studio, including further development of Bushman rock art themes, a homage to loved ones now passed away and a shimmering image of indigenous Colombian ancestors returning from the darkness to re-animate modern life...
Ta Sba Balamil Ta Ch'ulel Ta Sba Balamil Ta Ch'ulel
A series of works emerging from dreams and visions during a trip to Chiapas, Mexico, in which I sought to follow the lifeway of the local Tzotzil Maya people in paying attention to my dreams. The title of the series is in Tzotzil, and means 'On the Face of the Earth, and in the Soul'...
Visions 2014 Visions 2014-16
A selection of visionary images from the years 2014-16, expanding upon Queer and Fernal mythical themes as well as a large format work exploring a guided vision which took place as part of a live show. Dreaming rock art images and explorations into Visionary Humanism are also here...
Fernal World The Fernal World
A series of Artworks and Myth Cycles produced for the collaborative book The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs with Liba WS and Gromyko Semper, exploring a surreal Eden-like Garden of Fernal Delights. The art and myths here complement the Fernalese Language in the Exhibits section.
Visions 2011-12 Visions 2011-13
A selection of my visionary works from the years 2011-13, ranging from expressions of inner keepers-of-vision, to dreamscapes of archetypes such as Icarus, Moonchild and Lucifer, a profoundly Queer Aztec God and a channelling of the spirit of a new entheogen...
Dreams & Nightmares Dreams & Nightmares
A series of works from 2010-11 exploring the dark, light and ambiguous aspects of dreams and their effects upon my waking life, each image the result of diving into the wellspring to and setting myself the challenge of transforming personal dark sorrows into transcendent light...


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