:: The Three-Tiered Garden Within ::

Whisper    Prisoner    Garden    Blade    Jaguar    Xibalba    Eros    Dying God   

:: 2010 :: 60cm x 120cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

Springing from a long and winding dream in which I found myself in a luscious garden populated by serpents who would regularly transform into felines. As cats, they would caress and prur around me, but as serpents they bit my wrists and arms hard enough to draw blood. There was also a deep pool at the heart of the garden in which there dwelled a powerful serpent mother. As I began to wake, the dream resolved itself into a three-tiered garden, with myself as the dreamer upon the earth at the base. As I lay there not yet fully conscious, I envisaged my dreaming soul sitting above me in the bed, and the garden with the pond in the sky, the pond even as the watery sky itself and the forested garden as a world beyond the sky. Finally a figure - a transcendent aspect of myself - in shamanic posture as the source of the dream, seated above the sky. I love the ambiguity here, for it is equally true that the shamanic figure sits upon the earth gazing into a pool of the subconscious which goes deep underground, leading to the dreamer at the very base of the image, who is as much the source of the dream as the seated man in the sky...

The Three-Tiered Garden Within


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