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:: 2013 :: 60cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

Here is depicted my vision of the Fernal Cosmos, envisaged as a Primordial Egg-Vagina borne aloft upon streams of menstrual bloodwaters of life which is similarly the body of Afer, the Cosmic Creatrix who created the Fernal World through the manifestation of her own body. This is narrated in the first three songs of the'Tiarzecatar' (The Thirteen Songs). Within the Egg/Vagina/Afer image are circular representations of each of the Gardens within the Cosmos: the uppermost circle represents the Heavenly Garden, descending down Afer's neck as the Heaventrack which is also the Fernal Milky Way and the link between sky and earth. The Earthly Garden holds the centre of the cosmic image, descending into the Oean Garden - Afer's private womblike domain - before reaching the teardrop-shaped Underworld Garden. Text from the First Song surrounds the Egg, sanctifying this act of creation with poetic mythforms.

This multi-tiered cosmic image gives way in the UV image to a clearer representation of Afer as Primordial Animistic Creatrix birthing the cosmos and surrounded by flowers and stars expressive of her divine life force. Her face is partly modelled upon Palaeolithic figurines of women thought to be in stages of mid-term pregnancy, but here Afer is at full-term and her act of birthing creation continues eternally throughout the Fernal World. Afer's body and womb is envisaged here as a sentient being in and of itself, working in harmony as the entire cosmos.

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Fernal Cosmos

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