:: And So I Am Born Again ::

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:: 2004 :: 84cm x 59cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

The original inspiration for this piece was an archaeological drawing of Tomb no.387, an Old European grave site at Cuccuru S'Arriu, Oristano, Sardinia dating to the mid 5th millenium BC. The body had been lain eastwards in the fetal position and accompanied with small female figurines indicative of regeneration. The inner tomb was empty; presumably it was a place of reincarnation for the dead soul interred there, and as such I have added the child in this piece, which derives from a closed-eye meditation on the ideas of life and death. Notice the womblike shape which enfolds the two of them, and the ovaries which hold within them the regenerative waters of life.

And So I Am Born Again


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