:: At The Edge Of The Milky Way ::

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:: 2004 :: 84cm x 59cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

This image remembers a little half-poem that came to my lips spontaneously many years ago... "At the edge of the Milky Way / There is a woman giving birth / held aloft by a dead man." ...and this image seeks to express and complete the poem. We see the Goddess Mother giving birth to the Milky Way itself, either through a flood of birth waters or through a flow of menstrual blood. We see also that she is held aloft by the aforementioned dead man (whose presence is almost completely eclipsed by the Goddess). In turn, we see that the Goddess holds aloft the Sun. Dominating the right hand side of the piece is the two-headed male-female deity Janus who indicates leftwards to the magical power of the Goddess and rightwards to the unseen material world beneath the sky, and who stands as a portal between the two.

At The Edge Of The Milky Way


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