:: Corn Spirits ::

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:: 2004 :: 59cm x 84cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

This piece is deeply inspired by the work of Robert Graves, particularly 'The White Goddess', his reconstructive grammar of Old European poetic myth. I had gone for a walk in the evening along a path by the River Avon (itself an ancient theme) and the image constructed itself as I walked. We see the spirits of the corn in an X-Ray Style, both above and below ground, the fertile red soil nourishing their roots. Dew hangs in the moonlit air which is electric with energy, remembering the old belief that sun and rain did not nourish crops: what made the fields fertile were the silvery moonlight and dewdrops, both originating from the Son of the Moon, seen at top left. This piece is derived from a 1998 original.

Corn Spirits


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