:: DNA Ladders - So Far To Climb ::

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:: 2008 :: 42cm x 59cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

This piece sprang from a conversation with an extremely astute gallery owner who was casting a constructive critical eye over my work. One thing she remarked upon was how my work was vibrant yet esoteric, and she wondered how I might make it more personal, rather than archetypal. DNA Laaders was an initial response to that notion of making the archetypal more immediate to my own life. After all the questions, I felt that I had come a long way as an artist, yet still had a long way to go to meet the challenge arising just from this one conversation, hence the subtitle. This was the first step on what is rapidly becoming a new road for me as an artist. The second in the DNA Series of works.

DNA Ladders - So Far To Climb


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