:: Dog Star DNA Man ::

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:: 2005 :: 42cm x 59cm :: Inks, Acrylics and Markers on Card ::

A strange mandala, this piece. There is a deep current running through human understanding since Egyptian times which can be found in such diverse sources as the Book of the Dead, the Hermetic tranditions of Europe, Greek mystery religions, Sufi mystery schools, the modern Dogon tribe of the Sahara and the writings of Robert Anton Wilson. This current seems to link nonhuman intelligence with cosmic serpents, and the star Sirius. In modern language these three take the form of aliens, DNA and the 'Doggiez from Sirius'. We see the human form in the centre, which is at the same time the constellation of Orion, beneath which the rising and falling Canis Major constelation can be seen. With a DNA strand cleaving the piece in half, each side features an androgynous alien-plant hybrid and a crocodile being. Notice the hybrid creature sports both an erect penis and a triangular vulva denoting intersexuality.

Dog Star DNA Man


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