:: The Great Collective Animism - A Tribute To Pablo Amaringo & Alec Pearson ::

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:: 2009 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Gouache, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

In November 2009, two of my favourite and most inspiring artists passed away leaving me with a sense of loss. One was a local artist and the other from Peru, but both had considerable international exposure: both were also concerned with aspects of the visionary, and most importantly, they and their work were steeped in the landscape in which they lived.

J. Alec Pearson lived near Skipton, North Yorkshire, in the UK and I was privileged enough to meet with him several times and had visited his home and studio a few weeks before he passed. A self-taught artist, his work expressed visionary abstractions inspired by the Yorkshire Dales, and especially by the Neolithic cup- and ring-marked stones of Ilkley Moor whose motifs often formed the bases of his vivid and profound works.
Don Pablo Amaringo was an ayahuascero from Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon who practised as a healer and shaman for many years before taking up painting to express his visions. Similarly self-taught, his work is filled with the bright insights of ayahausca's teachings, and the multi-layered other-dimensional aspects of his work has continued to inspire me for many years.

This work, then, is a tribute to both of them, mixing what I hope can be seen as both of their visual styles into my own as an expressed hope that they have crossed over into that Great Collective Animism into which we All eventually join. In showing this work to a group of artists a few days after completion, I kept swapping the artists' names over - one of them remarked that it was good that I was confusing the order of the names in the title as it meant 'there would be no fighting in heaven over who should come first'. I love that idea: both of these brilliant and shining artists aimed, not to celebrate themselves, but to bring a real joy and insight to this world. No fighting in heaven, this other-wordly land that we see.

The Great Collective Animism - A Tribute To Pablo Amaringo & Alec Pearson


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