:: Nieríka ::

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:: 2007 :: 42cm x 59cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

For this piece I wanted to go right back to my roots. In the earliest stages of my artistic development, I was very deeply inspired by the yarn painting artwork of Huichol shaman artist Ramon Medina Silva. In much of his work, the flower shaped nieríka features very strongly, since his art details his shamanic visions and the nieríka is the visionary portal from this world into the world of the shaman. In essence it is the doorway between states of consciousness, and I wanted to create a piece where the nieríka fills the whole view. Here, it is depicted as rotating slowly in a clockwiuse direction, and enfolded into the portal itself is an image of a shaman in the process of transformation. Two figures - male and female - stand above the portal and at the base of the portal can be seen their shamanic-consciousness forms. Note the lack of gender-specific identification in the latter figures. The whirling forms on the outer edges are very stylised whales, suggesting that altered consciousness states can lead one's perceptions into places as deep as the ocean...



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