:: The Way To Lightning Mountain Is The Way Into Me ::

Soma    Animism    San    Epiphany    Triple    Watcher    Unity    Wira    Lightning    Ramon

:: 2008 :: 59cm x 84cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

This piece started out life as an updated version of my 2003 work Central Mountain, expressing the archetype of the mountain around which many cultures from Africa, Native America and Japan pin their geographical reference. However, part way through the composition, I experienced a number of sharp, visionary migraines and the Central Mountain began to become, in my mind, the Lightning Mountain, after the numerous shards of jagged light I see during migraines. After a few days of this, I felt distinctly fragile and had the sensation that this work provided some kind of conduit passing directly into my brain (post-migraine thoughts can be strange...), and hence I completed the work with that rather uncomfortable experience at the forefront of my mind.

The Way To Lightning Mountain Is The Way Into Me


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