:: Triple-Stranded DNA Child - My Spirit Face ::

Soma    Animism    San    Epiphany    Triple    Watcher    Unity    Wira    Lightning    Ramon

:: 2009 :: 42cm x 59cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

During a covnersation with a student of mine, she showed me a painting in which she had depicted her 'spirit face', the inner identity that each human being possess which one can experience as the visage one feels one projects in visionary space. I thought this was an intriguing notion, and began to consider what my 'spirit face' might look like. Feeling that the DNA Series imageries would be a good medium for this, I realised that I have long felt there exists a kind of third strand running through me in addition to the double helix of human DNA. This third strand feels old, ancestral, archetypal, and perhaps springs from the childhood migraines, love of mythology and continual visionary experiences (dreams, psychedelic experimentation etc) that have caused me to keep contact with those deep aspects of the human psyche we call spiritual. Meditating on this third strand brought this image slowly to life. One thing that intrigued me is how female this image seems.

Triple-Stranded DNA Child - My Spirit Face


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