:: Wiraqocha ::

Soma    Animism    San    Epiphany    Triple    Watcher    Unity    Wira    Lightning    Ramon

:: 2001-08 :: 72cm x 165cm :: Inks and Markers on Card ::

Intended to be an epiphany of the Andean teacher deity Wiraqocha, this piece was started and abandoned in 2001 before being restarted in 2007 and completed in 2008. The work is based on imagery from the Tiwanaku (Tihuanaco) civilisation some centuries prior to the Incas. Wiraqocha as a deity had a profound effect on me when reading Inca mythology, being as he was a god of the sun, the sky and storms, as well as evoking the mysteries of the jaguar in his face. As a teacher of the arts of civilisation and the embodiment of time, I felt he was an excellent subject for an art work, and this piece was originally intended not to reproduce but to invoke and to offer respect to this deity as a profound archetype of the type of human being to aspire to become.



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