:: Icarus Under The Waves ::

Icarus   2CB   Angel   Blood   Xochipilli   Moonchild   Lucifer   Neurocosmic   Form   Coatlicue   Maya

:: 2011 :: 70cm x 70cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

During the period 2010-11, in my dreams, my unconscious responses to my life changes - quitting my job and becoming a full-time artist - have often been visualised as Icarus flying out over the ocean, hoping to turn into Daedalus on the way so as to ensure a safe landing and avoid a watery grave. In May 2011, an interesting archetypal thing occurred - I dreamt I was Icarus crashing into the ocean. But rather than death, there was a whole wondrous world down there to explore - the deeps, the collective unconscious, a glowing world of artists delights. I realised that I was Icarus after all, but that was no bad thing. Seen here, under the auspices of a Thetis-like sea goddess, Icarus is transformed, like Pelops and Glaucos before him, into a dolphin...

Icarus Under The Waves


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