:: K'u Ikil Ta Yaxal Vinajel ~ What I Saw In The Blue Sky ::

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:: 2014 :: 50cm x 75cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

In March 2014, I visited the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico to attend the 'Dreams & Divinities' exhibition and conference being held there, and to engage in cultural exchanges with the international artists and local Tzotzil Mayan communities living in the region. This was a deeply inspiring journey, especially since I had prepared by learning some of the Tzotzil language and had begun paying strict attention to my dreams as the Mayan peoples do. This approach liberated a great many visions and inspiring experiences, all of which I intend to enfold into a new series of artworks and bilingual poems, entitled Ta Sba Balamil, Ta Ch'ulel, 'On The Face Of The Earth And In Dreams'...

On one of the last evenings in Mexico, five of us came together to hold ceremony with sacred visionary plants and to seek insight with which we would return to our homes. K'u Ikil Ta Yaxal Vinajel ~ What I Saw In The Blue Sky is the vision I received, wrapped in the cloth of night but enfolded with glowing Mayan crosses and ceremony songs. This vision was gentle but sure, and played repeatedly before my eyes before sending me gently into dreams. Upon my return home to England, I found that the Tzotzil of Zinacantán call a certain species of mushroom yaxal vinajel 'blue sky', and that vinajel, the customary Tzotzil word for 'sky' literally means 'that which is revealed', all of which resonated deeply with my vision. I am here depicted gazing into that 'revelation'...

Batz'i kolaval! Jun ko'on ta jvula'an ta Jobele!
Thank you very much! I was happy to visit San Cristóbal!

Yaxal Vinajel

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