:: Dancing Elephant Potency ::

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:: 2019 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

In March 2019, I returned to South Africa for the fourth installment of PaintUp With Kamamma, my mural project in the township of Melkhoutfontein in the Western Cape. Once again, I took the opportunity to go into the mountains to see some Bushman rock art, this time going to the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve, to the sites of Stadsaal, Matjiesrivier and Truitjeskraal. The imagery in these rock paintings was very different to the paintings I had sen previously in the Drakensberg, Klein Karoo and Langeberg regions. Most of the paintings were monochrome red, and elephants figured very strongly in the imagery. It seems as if for the San people in this area, the elephant, rather than the eland was the principal animal of supernatural potency: images of dancers emerging from cracks in the rocks to interact with herds of elephants featured prominently at Stadsaal, while at Truitjeskraal, as well as elephants, there were lines of gemsbok or elands emerging from one crack and disappearing into another, as if becoming briefly visible from another world before rturning into that supernatural realm. The Cederberg is also famous for its geological formations and these have also been enfolded into this artwork to give a sublime sense of the spirit of place.

Dancing Elephant Potency

Potency When It Swishes Its Tail

'Potency When It Swishes Its Tail'
:: 2019 :: 35cm x 25cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::
A small artwork evoking a painting of a dying eland at Truitjieskraal

Dancing Elephant Potency Detail 1

Dancing Elephant Potnecy Detail 2

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