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Work began on the Voice Project in Summer 2013, with the marking out of the 13 panels ready for the acrylic underpainting of the Primary Daylight Image which took place in Winter and Spring 2014. These were the first steps in a long process that will likely take several years. In Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015, the first UV Image was painted and various corrections and additions made, most obviously on Panel #2. Subsequent steps include creating ink & marker textured environments (which was completed in Spring/Summer 2016) and image overlays, followed by the final detailed marker imageries before the last step which is the completion of a much more detailed and intricate UV Image. These videos have no sound, and you can click on the 'full-screen' icon on the bottom right to view them full screen.

First Ink & Marker Layers
The first layers of the daylight image details

These videos of the daylight image underpainting and UV draft image show some of the previous progress of the Voice Project.

Daylight Image Underpainting
The basic colours of the Primary Daylight Image
U.V. Draft Image Painted
The first draft of the UV Image painted

This film shows the 13 canvas panels marked with the Primary Image and laid out next to my house to give a good idea of the true scale of the project. Despite the somewhat shaky camerawork(!!) the many facets of the Daylight Image can be seen. This video has music but no commentary.

13 Panels Marked Out
The true scale of the Voice Project revealed!


About the Project    Progress    Plans    Sketches

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