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52 Pages: 16 Full Colour & 10 B&W Illustrations
Release Date: August 2012, republished March 2015
Book Size: 21cm x 21cm
Genre: Art / Research
ISBN-10: 1326205307
ISBN-13: 978-1326205300
Price: £19.95

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A visionary and artistic exploration through the greatest of the Mystery traditions of Antiquity, 'Eleusis' follows the winding path that leads from the kidnap of Persephone and Demeter's grief at her loss to the transformation of mankind through the Epiphany of an Ineffable Female Godhead.

The Eleusinian Mysteries enfolded the most influential religious experiences of the Classical Era, and their hidden teachings contain much that is valuable to contemporary society. Often thought to be irrevocably lost, a careful mythographic visionary eye can sense the broad outlines of these experiences, expressed in a series of artworks and a final illustrated essay.

Drawing from several years of mythological, experiential and visionary research, and delightfully enfolded with 25 colour and monochrome art images (including several profound and moving visionary Eleusinian icons), Bruce attempts to move beyond the Eleusinian veil by creating a series of artistic icons of the shapeshifting Eleusinian deities, thus piercing the very Heart of the Mystery where only mythographers and initiates have stepped before, to be hold Thea - Goddess as Visionary Event.

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