:: Ink & Marker Visions - Images of Playful Archetypes 2004-2009 ::

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:: Images of Playful Archetypes 2004-2009 ::

128 Pages: 50+ Full Colour Illustrations
Release Date: May 2010
Book Size: 21cm x 28cm
Genre: Art / Autobiography
Price: £32.95 excluding P&P

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In 1997 aged 23, Bruce Rimell travelled halfway across the world to begin a new life in Kyoto, Japan. Filling his eyes with the sights of Japan, suffering from visionary migraines and reading books of shamanic narratives in the cold of anb East Asian winter, he made a life-changing decision to become an artist. This book traces what happened next...

Following his artistic development from inspired outsider to professional artist, Bruce narrates his artistic career from the nascent shamanic images created in Japan to the vibrant psychedelic and visionary artworks he produced back in the UK, focussing particularly on the years 2004-2009. Delightfully presented with over 90 full colour illustrations and accompanying texts which capture the essence of his work, Ink & Marker Visions offers a lucid biography of expression in the fields of art, mythology, consciousness, anthropology and archaic modes of experience.

Ink & Marker Visions is a journey both visual and textual into the domain of the 'watcher behind the eyes', that curious archetype who exists silently within all humans, and through the lens of his artistic medium we see the artist's life transformed: Come and see, look within: what will you find?

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