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114 Pages: B&W with Illustrations
Release Date: August 2012
Book Size: 15cm x 21cm
Genre: Poetry
Price: £10.95 excluding P&P

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Playful, archaic and confusing, this illustrated collection of bizarre song-chant poems narrates in riddling language the story of Minver, a flashing-eyed sprite who became for the author the very embodiment of ecstasy. Emerging from the dance club culture of the late 90s, but set in an archetypal nameless mythical landscape, Minver Stories is a deeply idionsyncratic take on the MDMA experience.

"is there no word in my language,
a box of papers, leaves in the air,
to tell me who you are?..."

"a leaf, an angel wing,
you will see soon enough..."

Indefinable trickster, strange and fantastic sprite, Minver leaps from these pages into caves, rivers and forests, meets a cast of mythical characters (who mostly become victims of his irascible ecstatic playtime) and dnaces with flowing words and oblique references into the heart and into the soul. Delightfully designed with 20 illustrations and commentaries.

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