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:: Songs To Sing On The Road To Death ::

74 Pages: B&W with Illustrations
Release Date: February 2011
Book Size: 17cm x 26cm
Genre: Poetry
Price: £7.95 (excluding P&P)

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From cosmogonies and half-remembered memories to mythical mandalas from the ancient past, this collection of surreal and unsettling poetry charts the soul's journey from daylight into the dark recesses of Xibalba, the Realm of the Dead and the Archetypal. But in doing so, it also mirrors the death of mythical and non-rational modes of experience in our modern society: the grey emptiness of Xibalba is experienced here as a bleak society deprived of a mythological heart; the house of torment in Orpheus Junior is the dehumanized, rationalising urban space.

Xibalba Songs asks a simple question: can we honestly say that if we let our ancestral mythological heritage pass into permanent nightfall, that we will be able to retain the true depth of our humanity? Should we simply stand by, record its demise and allow it to pass quietly into the night as we greet a purposeless future?

This delightfully designed collection of over 50 poems, ranging from repetitive song-chants to brief and unsettling image poems, is accompanied by 13 illustrations and a lucid commentary which clarifies many of the obcure imageries in the poetry.

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