:: Art Experiments & Projects Under Development ::

This page provides links to future projects which are currently under development, as well as experimental artworks which are aimed towards future aesthetic directions. Each project page gives a brief summary of my current thinking about the project or experiment, as well as some representative images. There are currently three developmental projects: 'Beyond Our Boundaries', 'The Ecstasy In Me' and 'Silent Painting'.


An artistic/photographic collaboration between Australian photography Andrew Follows and British artist Bruce Rimell. Andrew is legally blind and has for many years used photography to extend beyond himself, to see the world more deeply, approaching his craft with the mind of an artist. One of his great loves is sport photography, and just as athletes extend beyond themselves in their sport, so does Bruce in his art. This collaboration aims towards this 'Beyond The Self Exploration', using Andrew's sporting images as a starting point to create an imaginary and fantastic world within the mind of the athlete, to achieve greatness, but also to come to know our wild inner selves with more clarity.
The Ecstasy In Me

An upcoming series of sexual self-portraits, exploring the ecstasy, playfulness, visionary capacity, elevation, beauty and politics of gay sexual expression, told from the passive partner's unflinchingly honest perspective. Seven works are planned, evoking the six colours of the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag plus a unifying image. Two artworks in this series have been completed so far, and exemplify the series' attempt to bridge sublime sexual beauty with graphic and truthful depictions of gay sex. This page contains ADULT CONTENT and is for 18+ Adults Only. Do not visit this page if you are under 18, are uncomfortable with images of gay sexuality, or live in a country where such images are illegal.

A variation on my Dual Image Medium, in which one image is seen by daylight and another, different image is seen under ultraviolet illumination. In this ongoing, experimental series of small-scale paintings, however, the daylight image is a near-blank canvas which has been painted white, with the hidden UV image being the only painted content. This is of course invisible under normal daylight but comes stunningly into visibility under UV illumination. Currently I'm at the stage of honing and fine-tuning the technique so that almost no trace of the hidden image is visible by daylight. A number of fascinating curatorial possibilities are envisaged if this technique can be successfully perfected.


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