:: Neurocosmic ::

Icarus   2CB   Angel   Blood   Xochipilli   Moonchild   Lucifer   Neurocosmic   Form   Coatlicue   Maya

:: 2013 :: 114cm x 51cm in three panels:: Markers on Card ::

A trivalent image of humanity that sprang from a powerful visionary experience in the summer of 2012, aided in part by a new entheogen, in which I experienced the manifestation and metaprogramming of my neural circuits, and was able to play with inner identities, synaesthetic colour-flavours and ultimately to move into a space where notions of deity, whether manifested in oneself or in the external world, were rendered meaningless. Here I experienced the ability to visualise, activate and re-programme my own discrete neural circuits, many of which bore great resemblance to those in Leary's Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness. This triptych seeks to capture the spirit and strangeness of that single vision.


Panel #1 - Deep fragmented human consciousness forms emerge into a celestial space: We Go Beyond The Gods...

Panel #2 - Biological realities experience themselves as a world axis: We Remember Evolutionary Histories And Futures

Panel #3 - Shining Sun and Moon in the twisting mandalas of the Underworld: We Transform the Neurocosmos


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