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The Daiarzan ('Diverse Leaves') is a collection of other fernal songs which are peripheral to the main actions in the preceding two epics, the Song of Lucaion, the Thirteen Songs, with songs mentioned in the Lucaioncatar as having been sung by Lucaion, or sung by the Cosmic Powers in the Tiarzecatar. It also includes the three-song cycle, the Miromenecatar ('Bloodwater Songs'), which narrate adventures of the two goddesses of the Ocean Garden, Mirosai and Menesai, as they sing Chianuia and the Waters of the Middle Place into being, before engaging in a cosmic adventure of lesbian love into the Heavenly Garden. More will be added to this collection as they emerge.

A short dedicatory song which opens the Daiarzan

Lucaion's Song of Great Blessing To The Wilds
The text of the song that Lucaion sings to charm the silver-antlered deer of Ferraxio

Lucaion's Song on the Heaventrack
The song Lucaion sings to make the lights and colours of the Heaventrack visible

Ben Ferzoncuaini Orizon - A Celebration Song for Ferzoncuai
A song of love and celebration which Lucaion sings for Ferzoncuai as they sail the Heavenly Garden

Miromenecatar ~ The Song of Mirosai and Menesai
A song narrating how Mirosai and Menesai sing Chianuia into being and womanhood

Txachelamirocatar ~ The Song of the Waters of the Middle Place
How Mirosai and Menesai created the Waters of the Middle Place as the Heart of the Garden

Miromene Perosai ~ The Sending of Mirosai and Menesai
A cosmic myth of lesbian love across three Gardens of the Fernal Cosmos

Ben Anaco Orizon ~ A Celebration Song for Ana
A short song in which Ana, the Fernal Earthly Goddess, celebrates herself and her creation

Ben Ayiaco Orizon ~ A Celebration Song for Ayia
A short song in which Ayia, the Queer Deity Fernal Underworld, celebrates hirself and hir creation


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